The Little Branch wins feature spot on Mayesh Website!


Cutie Bouties!!

Annie and I just got finished a wedding out in Orcutt’s Ranch. I couldn’t resist sharing these pictures I took of the bouts. More to come.

Milk Glass Wedding

Here is a sneak peak at some florals for a wedding we just designed. Vintage milk glass vases with textured green and white. Enjoy!

Romantic Vintage Inspired Centerpiece

Over the weekend, Annie and I had a bunch of new client consultations and a mock up appointment for an upcoming wedding in May that we are really excited about. The theme is vintage romance. Shades of ivories and greens. So pretty. After we were done with the mock up, we couldn’t help but do another arrangment for fun. A Spring inspired piece with a rustic touch. We used a birch vase and some leaves that are growing outside the studio. Enjoy!